About YDN

The Your Digital Network broadcasting concept is aimed at supporting local communities through borough based programming. We believe that communities can be brought together through a medium that can do the following

·         Promote the positive aspects of local areas,

·         Giving local talent a chance to profile their work

·         Allowing local enterprises to inform residents about their goods & services

·         Highlight the work of voluntary group to attract local volunteers and supporters

Your Digital Network believes that communities can really use our format to bring people together and to sustain the work of local groups in these difficult times. We will always provide a platform to give community groups a chance to raise their profile and they will be able to use our medium to attract support across their boroughs.

Our programming formats will mix talk with music, with a huge bias towards the productions of local artists. We all know how hard it has become for emerging performers to make their make in the creative industry. Through our HiCrEc 99 ethos, we can also provide strategies to assist local artists to raise their profile locally as well. This may include you being one of our presenters to assist your journey from the Hidden Creative Economy (HiCrEc) through to the mainstream, using us as the vehicle to reach those larger audiences.

YDN is currently airing across 8 boroughs many of which are gaining massive from many local authorities and businesses that have recognised that this radio station is a convenient method to reach the local community and further their business.

“Bromley YDN represents a new way for local organisations to engage with the community. We can create flexible strategies to help develop services throughout the borough and make the community more aware of existing good work and talent” said local BCR director David Mills.

The Your Digital Network of broadcast centres is here for you and your community. Contact us now to see how we can help you to get your message across to your neighbours