Greenford YDN Radio

The idea for the Greenford YDN Radio initially came through the overwhelming amount of musical contributions from the beneficiaries of the UK UNSIGNED projects. As the idea developed, we found there was also a scope for local community organisations to support each other through local networks. Just as local performers were having difficulty getting their music promoted, we recognised that local community groups also needed a means to give their work more exposure.

The ethos of our station and our broadcast network is to provide a digital media platform for local communities to gain local support. We are not here to try and compete with the major commercial radio stations but we will be introducing a range of innovative ways to help local projects raise their profile on a local basis. This platform is available to local performers, through to local community groups and businesses and we are very open to new ideas and suggestions.

“Greenford YDN represents a new way for local organisations to engage with the community. We can create flexible strategies to help develop services throughout the borough and make the community.

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